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Discover the guiding lights at our esteemed event management school. Our mentors, with their invaluable expertise, ignite the flame of passion within aspiring event professionals. Through their wisdom, experience, and unwavering support, they mould future leaders, imparting skills that shine on the grandest stages. Join us and be mentored by the best.

Prairna Khuller


“Extraordinary celebrations don’t just happen they are meticulously planned and safely executed”.

With a Corporate background of more than 10 years in companies like GE Capital, American Express and HSBC Private Banking, Eventz Inspired was launched by Prairna Khuller to professionally plan and curate celebrations & events across the board.

With a wide range of experience in organizing the most memorable weddings & celebrations, in pre-covid times, within or in the post covid era, Eventz Inspired has successfully executed, ”Safe Happy Occasions for our clients,” setting a benchmark for the industry to follow.

From hospitality, entertainment, artists, designing of themes, décor, bespoke culinary services, venues & locations, logistics, family management to rituals and sanitization and other safety measures to curating the celebration experiences not only In various parts of India but also across the world setting footprints everywhere possible.

Recognized with many national awards for their work, Eventz Inspired was also listed in the ET panache segment by The Economic Times as an “A-Lister” in event planning.

Today after a decade, moving into education of the same was the natural course to follow, here by officially mentoring the next gen which is so rapidly growing and want to be a part of this industry with the help of Bhawanipur College which truly believes in skilling students of any age group with the need of the hour.

BSEM is the only course in India which is run by a successful event planner, backed by a respected & reputed college, with celebrity classes by the best in the industry, live project experience and class room knowledge over 11 months with a certified course degree.

Siddhartha Saraogi

Assistant Professor

An Event Manager with 10+ years of experience in managing large-scale weddings and corporate events. Involved in every aspect of event planning, from designing and executing events to guest management. Being a skilled team builder and having good communication skills, he can work effectively in diverse environments. Good at project management, have strong vendor connections, problem-solving skills and have built good relationships with clients and associates.

Mr. Sahil

Assistant Professor

Founder of Event Sketchers, a successful entrepreneur in Events & Media. Working on innovative, customised & exclusive projects. More than 12 years of experience in event industry. Event Sketchers has a team of dedicated professionals with strong fundamental & strategic planning believing to accomplish on top of the hills.

Vaibhavi Shah

Marketing Assistance

An aspiring creative professional with a background in filmmaking and design management. Her passion lies in graphic design. Vaibhavi’s visionary mindset has helped her gain valuable work experience where she is constantly seeking innovative solutions to challenges. Building businesses is where her heart truly lies, as she strives to turn ideas into successful ventures.

Samrin Sayyed

Assistant Counsellor

Expert in Artist Management, Bollywood & International. Over 7 years of experience in event industry. Key skill is to strategically manage all aspects of wedding & corporate events. Worked as Chief Event Operational Coordinator for more than 4 Years at Eventz Inspired.

Tanisha Dey

Office Admin

Tanisha holds a post-graduate degree in English literature. With a strong passion for education, she aspires to transition into a teaching role. Her background in English, coupled with her experience in administration, equips her with a unique skill set to create engaging and effective learning environments. She is excited to contribute my knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire and educate future learners.

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