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The Bhawanipur Education Society College in collaboration with Eventz Inspired, has launched Bhawanipur School of Event Management (BSEM), the first industry-oriented event school in eastern India. The objective of the school is to bridge the gap between industry and academia by imparting theoretical knowledge through industry experts and experiential learning supported by various knowledge partners from the event industry.

BSEM by Eventz Inspired will offer a 11 month Advance Certificate in Event Management to aspirants. With industry leaders as mentors, BSEM students will get all the exposure one will need to make an impactful career in event management.

About Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC)

The Bhawanipur Education​ Society College (BESC) is without a doubt, one of the best educational institutes in the eastern part of the country, replete with new age amenities and a vibrant socio-cultural environment.
The college has 100 percent electronically empowered classrooms, a library that is stocked to address all intellectual needs of the students, well-equipped auditoria, sporting facilities, and all the other provisions that the students may need—all in the very heart of the city.

About Eventz Inspired

A renowned luxury social event organisation, under the leadership of Prairna Khuller who has been in the business for more than a decade now and has successfully curated numerous social events across the globe. BSEM by Eventz Inspired will provide an Advance ​Certificate in Event Management over 11 months.

Eventz Inspired has been regularly recognised by the press, tourism bodies, supply chain partners and rewarded in different industry platforms for what their contribution to this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Awards & Accolades

 ​Best Destination Wedding of The Year

 Best COVID Safety Wedding of  The Year 

 ​Best Social Eve​nt of The Year  

 ​​Best Wedding Celebration of Year  

 ​​​Best Wedding Reception of The Year

 ​​​​ET Panache Wedding A-lister

 ​​​​​Friend of Thailand

 WOW Abu Dhabi – Women of Weddings in Abu Dhabi

 ​Dubai – GWE & EPEX participant for last 3 years

 IMEX – Global representation, Germany for destinations in Europe

 ​Partners in Istanbul, Turkey

Know how to run a multi-million dollar industry

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