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The social event space, including the wedding industry, is one industry that has so many big and small industries and components involved that it is worth crores and generates employment for many. The big fat Indian weddings and Social Events (landmark birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries) and the constant need for corporate and other events across the world are growing at a rate of 30% annually. According to a KPMG report, the per-month earnings of nearly half of its wedding suppliers and vendors (42.5%) have gone up in 2022.

Emergence of social media has led to this swift change: an estimated 1 billion users on Instagram are inspired by other people's wedding photos, custom wedding hashtags, and event locations, and no event is not wanting to be celebrated all year round.

Even though the event business has been highly unorganised, a swift change has started to take place in organising professionals entering or wanting to enter this market. Here are some popular career paths within event management:

Wedding Planning - Local and Destination

Planning and executing weddings, from client consultations to location finalisations, from budget discussions on various elements to vendor negotiations, from curating themes to décor and production, various artists to entertainment and performers, menu curations to e-invitations and more, all to create unforgettable experiences for couples and their families.

Sports Management

Involves combination of skills that correspond with planning, organising, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, or evaluating of any organisation or business within the
sports field, growing to a 5 billion dollar industry. The opportunities have expanded to sports marketing, sports media analytics, sports sponsorships and sports facilities management.

Artist & Entertainment Management

Aims at understanding the event, advising the best entertainment to go with it, scouting and providing the best artists, sealing the best deal for the client and thereafter managing all the logistic coordination for the entertainment part of the event.

Corporate Events

Are initiated by companies and planned by corporate event planners to help them engage with employees, dealers, stakeholders or end customers. It's curated to announce important changes, reward them, market themselves and to create networking opportunities. They are calendar planned for a year and can be spread over a day, over a weekend or for a week, locally, destination, hybrid or virtually, depending on the goal of each event, based on specic pre-decided budgets.

Digital Marketing

Social media has influenced every industry but perhaps the events industry as much as any. Social Media Coordinators work to promote events on social media to gain attendees and
exposure for the event and the venue. From creating unique hashtags to live feeds, designing digital ad campaigns and more marketing opportunities using the universal world of internet and google.

Catering Services

Do you have a love for food? Then catering and food curation is the right business for you. From menu designing to arranging specialised chefs to arranging local street food from different parts of the country and serving it in the most live and appetising way for an intimate dinner, social events, weddings and for the Corporate functions, all comes into its circumference of this foodie business.

Venue Owners & Curators

Are experts in their own fields. They know exactly how to execute a great event in their room. Whether it’s an arena, a concert hall or a ballroom, they know how the layout, logistics and ambiance will work for a variety of different event. Venue managers often are also the sales and marketing managers for the space, helping to bring in new events and promote upcoming shows. They can sometimes function as event planners or help the event planner in charge execute the perfect event.

Event Coordinator

A programme coordinator often handles a combination of administrative and human resource tasks. They develop and implement procedures and policies, maintain program agendas, maintain budgets and schedule employees. A programme coordinator also assists with managing communications related to the programs and ensures a smooth flow of the planned itinerary.

Event Operations

Coordinates the whole operations of events. They work with organisers, host cities and various committees as the support system to join the dots and align all elements for timely and organised running of a successful event. They also ensure that events comply with all safety regulations.

Event Marketing

Manages the brand and oversees the brand communication, marketing and promotional activities to encourage audiences to buy into the brand. They work with media, press, live and work across all promotion techniques.

Life Style Events

Include products and services that come to be associated with our routine, be it regular or luxury and exhibitions or trade shows are curated to offer the end customer what they can get, all put together in a grand way. These exhibitions tend to offer a lot of benefits in the context of brand promotion for brands and businesses and aid in establishing their brand presence in the fashion arena

Production & Decoration

Are responsible jobs which design, plan and produce from basic to grand sets, which includes layouts, 3D designs, structures, florals, drapes, props, installations, furniture, linens and the ambience lighting to go with it on the chosen venue and as per the theme of the planned occasion.

Hospitality & Logistics

From rsvp to guest list management, planning event communication to arranging organised guest pickups, warm welcome to seamless check-ins, managing hotel operations and
providing family assistance, everything that it takes to ensure that your guests will experience best in class hospitality in the event - is the role and responsibility of this domain.

Government Events

Execution of events for various government sectors like Ministries, Government Departments, Public Utilities, Government Corporations/Public Sector Corporations, Government Councils, Government Joint Ventures (JVs), Export Promotion Councils, Government Boards, Government Schemes/Government Programs/Government Missions.

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