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Dear Students,

Welcome to the Bhawanipur School of Event Management by EventzInspired!

As a veteran in the industry and the lead of the programme our aim is to provide a comprehensive training module that would equip our students with the skills and knowledge that are required for a successful career in the world of event planning.

Our curriculum is not just about theory but also about principles of event management, with the primary objective to introduce
hands-on experience through internships along with real-world assignments. Our faculty members are industry experts and bring a wealth of real-time case studies to the classroom, providing our students with a practical education in the process helping students from day 1.

At BSEM, we believe that networking and collaboration are essential components of the industry. We provide our students with opportunities to connect with industry leaders and professionals, building valuable connections that can lead to internships and employment opportunities.

We are committed to maintaining a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages diversity, creativity, and innovation. Our students come from all walks of life, and we encourage all to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the classroom, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Also, we would be creating a strong alumni network where students can meet and interact with the alumni to seek for guidance to achieve success in one’s own venture.

In-addition, we would be supporting you with a career fair, that shall help you to interact with the best minds and entrepreneurs from the world of events to self-evaluate opportunities.

Thank you once again and we look forward to fostering your growth and success in this exciting and ever-evolving industry.

Best regards,
Prairna Khuller

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