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    If you aspire for a career in Event Management, BSEM is the right destination for you. Through experiential learning, we help you become industry-ready. Get the opportunity to work on live projects and learn about:

    • The vast world of events
    • How to navigate the business of corporate events
    • Planning and curation of signature weddings
    • Food planning for various occasions
    • Tools for success - Attitude, mindset & Soft skills

    All this and a lot more awaits you at BSEM!

    Programme Offered: Advance Certificate in Event Management

    Takeaway 1

    Perspective on how vastly spread the word and world of events

    Understanding the dynamics of the event management ecosystem and learning about the sub-categories of events

    Takeaway 2

    Understanding Corporate Events

    A detailed study on how to conduct corporate events and the approach towards corporate events

    Takeaway 3

    Understanding Indian Weddings

    A detailed study on conducting  weddings and understanding the customer’s needs

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    PM Promotes India as a Wedding Destination

    PM Narendra Modi in the post-budget webinar on 'Developing Tourism in Mission Mode” said that India as a wedding destination

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    The Role of Technology in Modern Event Management

    Technology has become a priceless asset in the fast-paced, constantly-evolving world of event management.  

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    The Importance of Event Design

    The art of event design is one part of event planning that stands out as the unsung hero, flawlessly integrating into every component and creating a lasting impression on guests.

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